Sunday, March 16, 2008

Intro to Delhi

Nothing could have prepared me for Delhi. What a mix of old and new, sights and sounds, and people of every stripe. We had no idea that Delhi had so many nice temples and tombs. Behind us is the tomb of Hunyan in central Delhi. We feel very fortunate to be in the capable hands of our B&B hosts Perveez and Lubna. What a relief is was to have their arranged driver pick us up in the middle of the night at airport. He stood their in a sea of humanity holding Patrice's name. We were quickly whisked to our B&B and crashed for a few hours until it was time to visit a Rotary meeting. On the way back, our driver, Kuldeep suggested we stop and see this shrine. The setting sun made for some great pictures.
Driving in Delhi is even more interesting than Shanghai. The roads are full cars, trucks, motorized rickshaws, pedal rickshaws and the occasional ox or elephant! Drivers are encouraged to use their horns when overtaking a vehicle, even on the expressway. You can imagine the cacophony. It's sort of like a school of porpoises using sonar only a lot louder!

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