Sunday, March 9, 2008

Li River to Yangshuo

On Sunday morning a bus picked us up and took us to the boat dock. We had an excellent English-speaking tour guide and we met some fun people on the boat. 3 Italians, a Brit & Dutch couple traveling together and a young guy from Oregon.
The scenary (karst topography) is spectacular as you can see from the picture. We took lots of pictures. We wished it was sunnier, but were grateful for no rain. They served lunch on the boat. There was lots of fish and some small things with claws. Then they came around offering what looked like snake juice. He had a jar with a snake coiled up at the bottom in a tea colored liquid. We passed on that and found out later that liquid was wine!
After landing, we dodged the usual aggressive street vendors, found a taxi and got to our hotel, The Yangshuo Mtn. Retreat. Our room's balcony overlooks the river and mountains similar to the above picture. We've been chilling there, watching the river rafts go by with the karst peaks rising up on the over side of the river.

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