Monday, March 24, 2008

March 23 Dubai

What a contrast going from Jaipur to Dubai. This place is hot and not just the temperature. They are building man made islands in the shape of a map of the world. Each small island is going for over $30 million bucks.

Half this city seems like it is under construction and the other half seems like it was just completed. Here's a picture of the world's tallest building. 161 stories and growing. It's is still under construction.

The ruling Sheik likes outrageous projects that call attention to his city. This picture of ski Dubai is one of them.

Another one is this building called Burg Al Arab. It is designed to look like a sail and it actually built on a man-made island just off shore. There's building just in shaped like a wave. We had "high tea" there. "High" also describes the price.

But, all this radical building must be working. They had 15 million tourists last year and expect that number to double in the coming years. Still, I wish every American who puts $4/gal gas in their SUV could see what the oil money is building OUTSIDE OUR COUNTRY

Ted Northrup


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