Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wed. Mar 19th The Road to Jaipur

We left Bharatpur at about noon for the 4 hour drive to Jaipur. India is building a new highway but as you'll see from the pictures we shared it with some interesting and unexpected travelers.

Of course this area is famous for its camels and we were not disappointed. We just never thought we would be passing so many in the wrong lane. We saw a little of everything being carried on someone's head; from straw to gravel for road construction.

This new highway can also be used for herding sheep; not a few hundred, a few thousand.

We also saw lots of kids (both types) along the highway; from kids in an overgrown tuk-tuk used as a school bus to the kind of kids you herd.

After 4 l o n g hours, we arrived in Jaipur. They call it the Pink City because the walls to the old part of the city are painted pink. Here is one of many gates to the city.

Here is our hotel, the Madhuban. After settling in, we took a taxi up into the hills to see Chowki Jani. Here we had authentic Indian food, saw people getting camel and elephant rides and did some shopping. We even got dots on our foreheads so no one would know we were Americans.

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